Bad Beat Oktoberfest

Bad Beat Brewing

Get ready all beer drinkers.  Bad Beat Brewing will be hosting their annual Oktoberfest Celebration on September 16th.  They will be releasing their Oktoberfestbier on draft and for the first time it will be available in six packs to go.  Get their 1L stein for 15$ and the first fill is free.  Refills are available […]

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OGTay’s Tasting Room III

OGTay opens the doors to his tasting room once again.  On this special Talking Hops exclusive, Sean will give you his thoughts on WHT CHCLT ALE by Sonoran Brewery, located in Phoenix AZ.  Time to sit back, relax and take a listen to what the boys from Off The Rails Pod have to say about […]

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OGTay’s Tasting Room II

It’s time again.  OGTay brings his wisdom and insights to the masses as he opens the doors to his fabulous Tasting Room.  On this edition of the fan favorite segment from the Off The Rails Podcast, Sean returns with another beer from one of his favorite Southern California breweries, The Bruery.  Noah, Bubba and a […]

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Sam Adams Lager

This is my first post as the Senior Nor Cal Rep.  Although I will be mostly reporting and stationed in Northern California, Santa Rosa to be exact, this first post is from the headquarters of talkinghops, located right here in lovely Las Vegas, NV.  Sam Adams Boston Lager was the beer of choice while chillin and winnin  […]

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Great Vegas Festival of Beer

great vegas fest

Its time for the Great Vegas Festival of Beer in Downtown Las Vegas.  The two day event will run Friday and Saturday, April 7th and 8th.  Friday is the Mad Craft Experience.  This is when craft breweries and chefs get together to come up with some fantastic food pairings like none before.  Saturday will be the […]

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Lovelady’s 1st Anniversary Bash

Lovelady Brewing will be celebrating their Anniversary with their Love-In Bash.  Be sure not to miss all the action on Saturday April 1st from 3 – 8pm.  Food trucks, music, games and of course the delicious brews that Lovelady offers.  Advanced tickets of only 35 dollars are available at the Brewery and 40 dollars at […]

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Tasting Room at Bottle Logic

OGTay has taken his Tasting Room on the road.  Bottle Logic Brewery will have their Week of Logic celebration this week and our very own Tasting Room host will be there every step of the way.  Be sure to check back every day this week to listen to Sean’s review and the happenings at Bottle […]

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So-Cal Brewery Crawl

so cal pub crawl

  So this past Saturday Sean (@OGtay) and I (@BAFL99) decided to meet up and take a little pup crawl heading out to 4 local breweries. These are adventures!   We first met up at 4 Sons Brewery in Huntington Beach. A good friend Drew met us as well to help with the tastings. I […]

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Relax with a Miller Lite

miller lite

Sometimes you just have to take it easy.  If its gonna be a long night, you have to treat it like a marathon instead of a sprint.  Decided to sit back and relax with a smooth, crisp and lightly flavored Miller Lite.  With the backdrop of Las Vegas, I was taking a few swings at Top golf […]

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Fresh as Helles by Sam Adams

Time for a nice Helles Bock.  Sam Adams’ Fresh as Helles poured a perfect nice light gold color.  Poured from the bottle into a Sam Adams glass, the head kept nicely and laced all the way down.  On the nose was citrus with orange leading the way.  Watching the carbonation flow up made the mouth […]

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