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In the comment sections below, please let me know what beer you had, how you liked it and a quick description about it.

14 thoughts on “Review Your Beer

  1. The brew of the night was Stella. Only took one beer to get he abv’s flowing. Supposedly this beer is brewed for the holidays. Euro Pale Lager pours out a nice golden amber color with a nice white head. … There is nothing overpowering about this lager brew but it does come in a pretty glass. Cheers.

  2. Today I tried Trout Slayer, made by Big Sky. The beer is super light and has some citrus notes, the finish is a good. The color is clear golden and it is a beer you can drink over and over again. It’s similar to a blue moon without the unfiltered heavy part. Hope you all enjoy the review. Cheers.

  3. Papa’s Red Ale by Hop Nuts Brewing – Dark red, almost brown color ale. Spicy and malty on the nose with a full mouthfeel. Mostly malty flavor to me with only a sight hop finish. Was a tasty beer but will definitely fill you up. 6.2 ABV and an IBU of 30

  4. Good Day from Austin!
    5 STARS for the Pale Mosaic by Hops and Grain in Austin!
    Rating: Poured from can into tulip, 1 finger cream colored head, so so lacing and retention. Cloudy whitish/golden in the glass, visible yeast chunks floating around. Smells of pineapple, biscuit, some mild dankness hanging around. Taste is initially caramel sweetness on the front, flows into pineapple, mango and finishes with a mild bitterness on the end, crisp semi sweet finish. Great tasting beer, and good mouthfeel. Can’t believe I have gone this long without getting my hands on this. Definitely a beer that is easy on the palate, no bitter after taste, very clean finish!
    Come to Austin and get-you-some!

    • Hopefully the crew from TalkingHops can make it down to Austin and get-us-some. Sounds like a nice refreshing session brew to have around the pool and with some delicious BBQ. Thanks for the review

  5. Good Day again from Austin!!! HOPS and GRAIN – Ampersand Coffee Porter.
    Amazing Coffee Porter is whats in the cup today at Hops and Grain! Like me.. this sensational beer is big, bold, and boasting with complexity! Rich in color and dark like a sexy black man… this full mouth feel will have you wondering why you don’t wake up and fill your cup with this Coffee Porter every morning! As you tip the glass back the aromatic smell of nuts, caramel and coffee fill your nose as the ice cold coffee porter wraps around you like the hug you needed after a long day. Cheer!
    Style: Baltic Porter
    ABV: 6.8%
    Come to Austin and get-you-some!

  6. Sounds like a fantastic brew that should be featured on OG Tay’s Tasting Room. He is big on the porters and stouts. We will try to get our hands on some. Thanks for the review from Austin.OG Tay’s Tasting Room

  7. Warm, sunny day drinking Grand Teton American sour at tenaya Creek. Freshing and bright, taking your taste buds for a bubbly ride. Peach notes with a tart teaser for your tongue.

  8. Drinking a coooooooors lte. The Colorado Rockies beer tastes very good after this long day. Light and refreshing easy to drink beer. Thank you Colorado for for making such a drinkable beer.

  9. Magic Hat Elder Betty on the books for the day. Tasty and refreshing. Floral on the back end but smooth finish. Good beer all around!

  10. Deschutes Brewery Fresh Squeezed IPA. Not as hoppy as I thought it would be. Very good with a crisp finish. Smooth all the way through. Very drinkable

  11. Perfectly balanced IPA between a Mild citrus start to a perfectly balanced finish. Very smooth and one I’m recommending to a new IPA drinker.

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