Beer Glass Style – The Tulip

Depending on what type of beer you are going to be drinking, there is usually a specific beer glass style you should go with.  While many people would be happy with just an ice cold beer poured into a pint glass, a specific style of glass will enhance the drinking experience by showcasing the beers appearance and aromas.  Today we will go over the Tulip glass.  While you will find different sizes the shape will remain relatively the same.  On a round base and stem sits the bulb portion of the glass.  The top the glass will push out to form a lip.  The shape of the glass encourages a large head on the beer to capture the aroma.  This glass is fantastic for stronger brews such as Imperial IPA’s, Belgium Ales and Barleywines.  The bulb at the bottom allows you to swirl your beer a bit to release even more volatiles as you go.  Next time you sit down with a Double IPA,  make sure to ask for a Tulip glass and enjoy the look and smell as you go.  Let me know what other beers you might recommend for this glass.

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