Beers in Bodega Bay

While at Fisheman’s Cove in Bodega Bay, California we sat down to have Clam Chowder, Oysters and Fish Tacos.  The beers we chose to pair with these were Taco Truck Lager by Dust Bowl Brewing and KSA Kolsch Style by Fort Point Beer.  The Taco Truck Lager was exactly what was expected.  Light, crisp and clean character with low bitterness and a slight sweetness and an ABV of 4.7 is a great early afternoon beer.  The KSA was also light and crisp with just a tad more bitterness. Both beers went well with our lunch and would definitely have another one.  Just for a side note, for a beer to technically be called Kolsch, it must be brewed in Cologne, Germany.  You will find the word “STYLE” by most Kolsch beer brewed in the U.S.

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