Bottle Logic: Super Bowl 51 Match Up

For Super Bowl 51 one of our local favorites Bottle Logic has released two experimental ales to honor the big game.


Boston Tea Party v. Rise Up Rubidium

On on the left we have the Boston Tea Party Pale Ale (Pats) finished on Tropical Tea Leaves versus the Rise Up Rubidium Red India Pale Ale (Dirty Birds) finished on Peaches on the right. We will take an ASTMO approach to determine your Super Bowl 51 winner.

A = Appearance

Boston: a very hazy amber appearance that you are unable to see through. Murky with decent head and great lacing follow.

Rise Up: nice dark copper appearance. Another problem decent head here but with less lacing.

S = Smell

Boston: the tropical tea leaves shine through here with hints of guava and mango. I love tea and can smell the tea leaves clearly. Can’t wait to taste it.

Rise up: the bouquet is bursting with peach which is almost shocking with the color and nature of a usually malty red IPA. Very intriguing.

T = Taste

Boston: mild tropical fruit and tea flavor. Mild carbonation with bitter finish

Rise Up: peaches coming through strong. Nice hop profile with a complimentary bitterness coming off the tongue.

M = Mouthfeel

Boston: a little lighter than expected with the murky appearance. I thought it would be a little syrupy. Happy it wasn’t.

Rise Up: thicker than the Boston. Medium feel with the malt coming through as it warms up.

O = Overall

Boston: I think you really need to be a fan of tea to really appreciate this. . And… Most people like coffee. I enjoyed it and would give it a 4.17 out of 5.

Rise Up: This is a very solid IPA and surprisingly light for a red with a very tasty helping of peach finish 4.5 out of 5.

Super Bowl Champ: Rise Up Rubidium

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