Citra Ass Down in Etown !!!

Plenty of craft beer to enjoy while in Kentucky.  During a great trip to Elizabethtown is where I came across the Citra Ass Down Double IPA.  Crafted by Against the Grain Brewing, this 8.0% DIPA will hit you quick.  You can pair it with some great food at the place I found this beer, The Wicked Eyed Woman Public House.  Not only does Against the Grain have a fantastic lineup of craft beer but they also have a Smokehouse, Sandwich Emporium and The Flamingo Lounge.  While catching a live show from The Greatest Cover Band ever, Grafenburg, be sure to check out the beer list and look for some Citra Ass Down.


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2 thoughts on “Citra Ass Down in Etown !!!

  1. Melanie Hamilton Reply

    Against the Grain brews some solid beers! Get it on tap if you can but, if you can’t, the can art is worth the purchase!
    CHEERS! 🍻

    • Tony Post authorReply

      I will keep my eye open for some drafts from them. The can art is fantastic and the names are awesome also !!!

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