Namaste My Brothers and Sisters

We all have that friend that drinks Bud Light and will not even think about drinking one of those “Fancy” beers.  Well if you want to get that guy into the revolution of beer that is going on I have a beer that is perfect. “Namaste” by Dogfish Head is a Belgian White Ale brewed with dried organic orange slices, fresh-cut lemongrass, peppercorns, and a bit of coriander. This was my “Big Game” beer this year and I was not disappointed. Namaste has a nice clear golden straw color with a nice head and lacing. When you first smell this you quickly get the aroma of citrus and coriander. The IBU (International Bittering Unit) on this beer comes in at 20 so there is very little bitter taste from the hops so what you end up with is a thirst quencher with lots of citrus notes. Namaste has a nice crisp mouthfeel with a great taste and light finish.

Tell that buddy of yours that you have a great new light beer for him to taste and he will never go back to mass produced beers again. 4.15 rating from this guy!

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