Saint Archer’s Hoppy Pils

Sat down for some delicious Blue Point Oysters and paired them with a fantastic brew from Saint Archer Brewing.  The beer pours a pale golden color and held a thin head that dissipated a little quickly.  Citrus, grain and grassy notes lead off on the nose and gave a light crisp mouthfeel.  The finish gives way to slight hoppiness but is a very well balanced beer.  The ABV on this beer is a subtle 5.1 % and the IBU rating is a 40.  A great intro beer for people that want to move up towards the IPA’s.  Crisp, clean and refreshing, and yes, went very well with the oysters.  I highly recommend this brew if you have the chance to get it.  I hope to make it down to the brewery soon and have one fresh out of the keg.

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