Sam Adams Lager

This is my first post as the Senior Nor Cal Rep.  Although I will be mostly reporting and stationed in Northern California, Santa Rosa to be exact, this first post is from the headquarters of talkinghops, located right here in lovely Las Vegas, NV.  Sam Adams Boston Lager was the beer of choice while chillin and winnin  at BW’s in the northwest valley known as Centennial.  The draft came out nice and cold with a beautiful head on it.  The beer is always best in a classic Sam Adams glass.  The tulip shape at the top is designed to hold the head and capture the aroma of the malt and hops that are used.  The malty start paves the way to a slightly hoppy but yet smooth finish.  The beer went very nicely with the wings and the cheese sticks.  Be on the lookout for my Nor Cal reports that will be here soon.



Senior Nor Cal Rep


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