Belgium Tripel

The Yard House Belgium Tripel is a nicely balanced beer with a flavor leaning to the malt side, which the tripel yard house belgium tripelshould usually have.  The dark amber was a nice color but the head of the beer fell pretty quickly.  To the nose, brown sugar was the dominant scent.  The high ABV, 9.0, was probably what you would expect from this medium bodied tripel.  If you have had a tripel that you would like to tell me about or recommend, please let me know.

4 thoughts on “Belgium Tripel

  1. Jena carpin Reply

    You guys better get more awesome posts rolling cuz I’m gonna share the hops outta you!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tony Post authorReply

    we will keep them coming. I’m sure we’re not gonna have a problem talking about on of our favorite topics. BTW YOUR AWESOME !!! Thanks for the comment Jena, much appreciated

  3. Rosa Reply

    Hi Tony,

    I didn’t know you can brew your own beer. That’s interesting. But I’m assuming you need to learn how to go about brewing your own and getting the right ingredients.

    Then I checked out your ‘Basic Beer Ingredients’ page and discovered there’s are only 4 ingredients to brew beer. Interesting!

    At first, the name Belgium gave me the impression this beer is imported but I read on your ‘About Us’ page you’re from Las Vegas.

    This is an interesting niche. Thank you for sharing.

    • Tony Post authorReply

      Home brewing these days is not as difficult as many think. All new home brewers can easily get a starter kit that gives them all the necessary equipment and ingredients ready to go. With the craft beer revolution all styles can be brewed right here in the states as well as the many breweries popping up here in Vegas.

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