OTR Talks Hops

Noah and Sean, along with their co-host Bubba, sit and talk about any and all topics on the podcast Off The Rails. off the rails pod No subject is off limits and you never know where their conversations may lead.  One of the premier segments of the show is when you get invited into the Tasting Room.  The Tasting Room is where Sean keeps his collection of fine beers and invites you in to rate it.  They go over the four standards of beer rating: Appearance, Smell, Taste and Mouthfeel.  So make your way over and give it a listen.  But be prepared to go Off The Rails.



2 thoughts on “OTR Talks Hops

  1. Tar Reply

    Hello there,

    I wonder if the people being invited to the room is anyone from the public. That would be great but on the other hand, I guess the topics which will be discussed would be random and it has to be an open-minded person. Someone who is a beer lover. Will there be any video which will be posted on Youtube? Or maybe here in this site?

    • Tony Post authorReply

      Thank you for your comments. The Tasting Room is limited to the hosts on the show and any guest they might included as a co-host. I am working on adding a link to The Tasting Room segment that will let all people from this site hear the beer review portion of Off The Rails.

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